Pizzeria Gregario

Pizza from the heart in the heart of the Harbor

Creative Loafing: Pizzeria Gregario lands Best in Show and Best Italian Style, Pinellas

Our greatest honor is to make great pizza for you in the heart of The Harbor; but being named as "Best in Show" and "Best Italian Style, Pinellas" Pizza in this Creative Loafing article by John Palmer Claridge is also pretty cool.

Best in Show & Best Italian-style, Pinellas
It’s the Hallelujah Chorus in your mouth, with each element taking its turn in a contrapuntal polyphony of exciting flavors. “King uh-huff kings” and the bright notes of acidity from Bianco DiNapoli’s sweet, perfect organic tomatoes leap across your palate. Then the fresh, house-made daily mozzarella proclaims “and lord uh-huff lords.” You try to catch your breath as the air is sucked out of you by rapidly repeated gut punches of pungent garden-fresh basil trilling “and he shall reign… and he shall reign,” in growing intensity. Finally, the tang of the artisanal 72-hour sourdough leavened, multigrain crust, boldly pushed to the edge of flavorful char, hits your taste buds. 

“Forever and ever, hallelujah, hallelujah.” Just as Handel builds the intertwining musical lines into an exhilarating musical climax of seemingly impossible ferocity clashing with overflowing joy, chef Greg Seymour (above) displays his own artistry in Safety Harbor. Like a great composer, he takes the same Margherita pizza “notes” available to all the region’s other pizza parlors and delivers a peak experience. It’s a demonstration of “better ingredients, better pizza,” but the answer most certainly isn’t Papa John’s. It’s the five-star brilliance of Pizzeria Gregario.

You can read the full article HERE. Or come in and taste for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Creative Loafing as part of the above-mentioned article.