Pizzeria Gregario

Pizza from the heart in the heart of the Harbor

Pizzeria Gregario Among Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay

We  are honored to be listed in the Tampa Bay Times as one of the Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay 2015. 

PHOTO SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times (http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2015/graphics/top_restaurants/)

PHOTO SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times (http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2015/graphics/top_restaurants/)

Here is an excerpt. You can read the full article HERE. Or, come on in and taste for yourself.

I’m sorry, Safety Harborites, but it’s really just freak chance that you got Greg Seymour to open up a pizzeria in your sweet downtown. I think it was a family thing. But he’s here, and he cut his teeth working out the kinks at places like Pizzeria Tra Vigne in California, and now he’s bringing his passion, and really a lot of science, to you. Through an heirloom seed saver he’s buying tomatoes and purslane, trucking in whole humanely raised pigs one a time and making sausage (and etc., to use the whole animal), and working with super “clean” outfits like Ecofarm in Plant City for ethical sugar cane and buffalo milk.

What to order: So how’s the pizza? It’s great. This winter he’s had a roasted butternut squash pie with chorizo over which lemon-kissed arugula and ground walnuts were strewn, but he’s also excited about hisclam pizza. I remember a housemade sausage and banana pepper pie fondly; salads are fab and desserts read like the best Grandma stuff (simple and wholesome, showcasing fresh Florida fruit). Seymour is avid about ice cream and he’s got ideas about how Florida milk and Florida cane could come together (like maybe a Safety Harbor ice cream shop in 2015).

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