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Tampa Bay Times

“Something is definitely happening in downtown Safety Harbor. Longtime restaurants like Cello's and Green Springs Bistro have been joined recently by a robust crop of exciting independent restaurants: Parts of Paris, Southern Fresh, Nantucket Bucket and, about a year ago, Pizzeria Gregario. This last is anomalous in the area: A small, family-friendly pizzeria that is a stickler about sourcing local products.”

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Named #1 place to get pizza in the Tampa Bay area by USA Today.

“Handcrafted wood-fired pizza draws savvy locals and visitors alike to this laid-back neighborhood pizza "joint." Opened by Greg Seymour in 2013, he makes the sourdough pizzas himself, from scratch. Using mostly natural, organic, locally sourced ingredients, his pizzas are made with a lot of love.”

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“Ah, but these aren’t your ordinary pies. He starts by crafting his own “biodynamic” sourdough (as opposed to the “monoculture” found in commercial dough)—better, he says, for your “overall gut health.” He sources his produce from farms within 100 miles of his restaurant. He gets his meats from as close by as possible, and from vendors who use humane, sustainable methods. “